Michael Butler is a singer, songwriter and guitar player living in the Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington DC area. Michael has been performing in the northeastern United States for over 30 years. Playing clubs and small shore bars from Boston, MA to Southern MD, Michael has honed and developed his own style of singing and songwriting. Many of his original songs are reflective of the areas in which he lives. They are stories about life in those regions of America.

One song stands out in particular. “Choptank River Boys” took Michael on journey all the way to a live competition vyeing for a spot on “Mountain Stage” through the “New Song Festival” in ’06 where he won 1st prize for this song. He was competing with folks like Dave Kitchen and Ingrad Michaelson and a host of other performers.

From the cold rocky ground of the Appalachians, across the stunning brackish waters of the Chesapeake Bay to the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, this is Mike’s home. A canvas he sometimes uses to paint pictures of this southern most point of the northeast megalopolis. Its cities, countrysides and people are the fountain of Mike’s inspiration as is often evident in the lyrics. Maryland, at the heart of it all is nick- named America in the Miniature which refers to its rich mixture of mountains, flatlands, wetlands and countless waterways. Throughout the seasons Mike travels from the eastern panhandle of West Virginia to Ocean City, Maryland performing solo and with The Mike Butler Trio. It’s a good time wether they’re showcasing originals or doing a full night of barroom covers.

Mike Butler Trio

Catch Mike and his buddies performing a great set of Acoustic Americana around town. The Mike Butler Trio includes:

  • Mike Bulter (guitar and vocals)
  • Rick Jones (bass)
  • John Jernigan (drums)

Music Videos – Originals

Music Videos – Covers

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