Past Events at The Woodshop

Hypnotic Panties

“HYPNOTIC PANTIES” or as my funny man brother calls them, “HYPNOTIC (natcho mama’s) PANTIES” Hahahahahhahahhaa…..


John Van Dyke

John Van Dyke and the County All Stars – John Van Dyke has been playing music out of Annapolis/Crownsville since 1976, much of that time with Dave Glaser in the Van Dyke & Glaser Band, The Telluride Band, The Daylight Band, etc. John has a bachelors degree in Music from George Mason University where he studied classical guitar and composition. The All Star band is comprised of Lee Priddy on electric guitar, one of the best electric solo guitarists in the area over the past 30+/- years; His daughter Makenzie Priddy on Bass who is very accomplished for 15; Micky Eckman on drums, a local staple for the past 45 years who has performed with the Van Dyke & Glaser Band, the Dan Hass Band, and many others; Jim Jacobs on keyboards who has performed with Dean Rosenthal for years, also formerly with the Jerry Garcia Band in the late eighties, early nineties. See you on the 16th.

Clarence the Bluesman Turner

From a listener on the bands performance June 3rd at The WoodShop:
Hot Jeezuz what a set from “Clarence “The Bluesman” Turner! His barefinger playing on that Telecaster was freakin’ comprehensive, from bluesy grind, to knife sharp rhythm, to chicken pickin’, to those high crystal bluesy arpeggios. The power packed trumpet and sax horn section gave up punchy rhythm section action, and both blew numerous hot solos. That bassman was a total chopmaster, whether picking, pulling, or slapping.
And their drummer was not just R&B dance drumming, but had that power packed sparse slow blues thing down – the fewest beats and explosive snare! Total pro cool, all of ’em, and the sound was great! Everybody on their feet for the Muddy Waters and Mustang Sally finale.

Thank Mrs. Clarence Turner for me, with all respect, for the dance. I’ll take that one to the grave. 


Lee “Buffalo” Jordan’s Xmas Party with DETOUR

Straight in YO face R & R. Quite possibly the longest running rock band in Maryland and more than likely they have had thee most current and past members. They come and go but Lee Jordan has weathered the storms and held this act together. Another note: several members of this band are wholly responsible for developing the awesome sound this system provides in this room. Lee Jordan and Mike Ditch helped me greatly with gear from their sound company, “Buffalo Sound”. And member Gene Ingham tweaked and tweaked, and still from time to time tweaks a little more. They deserve most of the credit. Gene also has set me up with 24 track recording at the live sound board with Pro Tools and I record every band now with instruments going to individual tracks. FANTASTIC. Soon I’ll be working 3 to 4 camera videoing each performance as soon as I get the lighting just right. Almost there. Thanks guys for your hard work and diligence in educating me. Let’s really show our support to this act December 3rd, 2016.


“Chuck Brodsky”

This is a true house concert so shhhhh… Come listen to the stories of a veteran world traveler.
Kris Kristofferson once said that, “Roger Miller looks at life like a one-eyed-dog” Chuck comes to mind. He leads you into his world very, very gently. You’ll truly forget where you are like when reading a really good book. That’s what you get when Chuck takes the stage. ****** No opener for this show and none needed.



Chuck Brodsky Tour Dates:

  • Jul 22 7:30pm
    Kuumbwa Jazz Center
    Santa Cruz, CA US
  • Jul 30 6:30pm
    Robins Nest Concerts
    Davis, CA US
  • Aug 06 8:00pm
    Salvage Station
    Asheville, NC US
  • Aug 27 9:30am
    First night of Group Tour to Ireland
    Shannon Airport, IE
  • Sep 06 9:30am
    Final day of Group Tour to Ireland
    Shannon Airport, IE
  • Sep 08 9:30am
    First night of Group Tour to Ireland – This tour is sold out – there are still a few openings on my Aug. 27 – Sept. 6 , 2016 tour
    Shannon Airport, IE
  • Sep 18 9:30am
    Final day of Group Tour to Ireland
    Shannon Airport, IE
  • Oct 13 7:30pm
    The Purple Onion
    Saluda, NC US
  • Nov 19 8:00pm
    The WoodShop
    Gambrills, MD US
  • Jan 21 7:30pm
    Marshall Grange Hall
    Garden Valley, CA US
  • Jan 28 8:00pm
    Oaksong Society Music Series – Pilgrim Congregational Church
    Redding, CA US

“Matt Hutchinson & the Big Gin” w/opener, “The Johnny Monet Band”

Matt Hutchison, from “Fools & Horses”, is off and running with his new band. This young guy has a real nice slick right hand on a fender stratocaster  that just just gets to me.Matt Hutchison Pic

Opening for Matt will be, “The Johnny Monet Band”.
Johnny Monet Pic

“Music Room”

“Georgie Jessup & the Philosopher Dogs”

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